Lonnie’s Cheddar Cheese Pound Cake


Preheat oven to 325◦

Cream together:             3 sticks whipped butter

                                    ½ cup shortening

                                    8 oz. cream cheese


Use the butter wrappers to lightly grease a large tube pan if not non-stick pan.


Add:                             3 cups sugar, little by little

                                    6 large eggs, one at a time

                                    3 cups plain flour

                                    1 Tbsp. vanilla

                                    dash of salt

                                    2 cups, finely, finely grated cheddar cheese


Pour batter into tube pan.

Bake 1 ½ hours.

Test for doneness at 1 ¼  hour.  Test in more than one place.

Cool in pan for ½ hour before turning out.  


This is really good sliced and served with fresh fruit.